Question of the Day: Let’s Make A List!


Since we are gearing up to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to make a playlist in the comments full of your favorite LOVE SONGS. I know, gross. I’m kidding. Or am I? Probably not.

We all know that I am not big on Valentine’s Day but what the heck, it’s nice to be in love with things. You know, so long as those things do not reciprocate my feelings. I would hate to actually have to talk to something about my emotions. That’s where there are songs that can better articulate such things. Songs like this:

And I could take you home The lights would twitch and blow And you could finally see The “us” that we’re supposed to be

When you picture me away, It’s Alfie Elkins ’66 But you didn’t see my face when all the kids dancing brought down that place I was more Alvy Singer Each time you put me on the train I’m less and less sure you’ll do it again Don’t do it again


Anymews, here is where you give me some long songs that make you all emotional and stuff. Suggest to me things that talk about love in all it’s splendor. We will get to break up songs at some time in the future. I HAVE A PLAYLIST READY. Go!

What are your favorite love songs?

Thumbnail by: KatLunatic