Question of the Day: Who Was Your First Crush?

Today’s Q is brought to you by BreeSays. Look at this snazzy video she made:

I am surprised that her first crush wasn’t a pair of tights. They were made for each other. They make a cute couple, y/y?

In the Storytellers Group, we are doing a “First Date” round up, so if you want to get more in depth, go for it! Check the group out here.

Oh my first crush. I was small and it was a boy and I felt weird around him and we used to get in trouble a lot together. We were little burglars and we used to hit things that we didn’t understand. I remember that my parents had to come to school because he and I used to be very grabby hands and not pay attention at all during class because we just used to poke at each other and giggle during story time. His name was Anthony. He lived up the street from me.

Then, his parents got divorced and he moved away and school was boring and all I did was draw pictures of rainbows and birds. The end.

Who was your first crush?