I went to 3 pre-grammy parties this year…so I thought I’d give you guys a breakdown and a little fun gallery to go with it.

The first one was the Cover Girl event. It was really small and celebrated strong women in the music business. Erykah Badu was spinning and some really bendy girls were dancing. I didn’t feel like stressing over the outfit so I just threw something together right before I stepped out the door. Need to make more shoes and bags asap!

The second one was the Music Cares event. It’s one of the most important grammy events. This year they were honoring Sir Paul McCartney so all the food was vegetarian. Instead of the regular steak as an entree they were serving some kind of a mushroom pie..super good. Coldplay was performing Paul’s music alongside Katy Perry, Diana Krall (who was incredible!) and a bunch of other amazing acts including Sir Paul himself. The event raised an amazing 6.5 million dollars to help out musicians that are in bad situations.

My friend Marco Marco made me a killer dress to wear for the event and I paired it up with my regular platform boots and a bag that I actually got from Target! 😛 It was $16 and fir the dress perfectly.

The highlight of the night for me was meeting Sir Richard Branson. I am such a huge fan of his vision and playfulness and think he’s one of the most incredible thinkers of our time. I actually got the title for Zero Gravity into my head like a year before I wrote the whole song when thinking about people being able to go to space and what a revolutionary and interesting time it is for humanity.

The third event was at the Playboy mansion. I actually felt a little strange at first when I got the invitation cause I’m not sure how I feel about what they stand for. But then I thought that it can’t hurt and I might as well go for the experience. The most surprising thing was that the party itself was really not sexy at all. No one even wore anything revealing. It was just kinda casual and chill. They had free drinks, free food and a party tent where they were blasting some rave tunes. Pretty regular. I took some pictures of the legendary grotto (I was kinda grossed out by it actually cause I was thinking about how much cum there must be all over that cave. Ew. Lol) But the house itself was beautiful and I met a bunch of friends that were there randomly as well. It was a pretty cool night. After I got home I was starving because I didn’t feel like standing in line for the food at the party…so I went and got a massive ice cream banana thing at 2 am at Bossa Nova. Very bad for my body but so good for my soul! <3

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