I Am My Only God

Sorry for my lack of personal updates. Life has been really busy latley and full of the good and the bads.I haven’t been myself latley been feeling really off. Life is funny like that, you can be in a room full of hundreds of people and feel so alone at the same time. At the end of the day all we as humans crave and want is companionship and love. When we feel as if we don’t have these things we slowly start to fall apart. I never understood why, we are like dogs.. pack animals. We feed off other human interactions and attention. Take this all away and your a sinking stone. Not many people stick around for the long haul. When your at your ups everyone wants a peice of you, when your on your downs everyone can’t be found. Paradise isn’t so sparkly and bright anymore, more like a dull hurricane. Sometimes all you want is someone to hug you and genuinely care about you for who you are.

In better news I got the green light to start designing the Coco and Tokyolux Summer 2013 collections with zero budget. That is the most amazing feeling since I started everything out of pocket rubbing pennies together to make ends meet. I can finally design the clothing I have always dreamed of! I did a bit of superficial meditation today… aka impulse shopping!

I had to get a wisdom tooth removed from my lower jaw bone yesterday. Lot’s of drilling, cutting and pulling. My jaw is bruised in rather pretty purple and yellow rainbow shades and I haven’t even taken an Advil. Im like immune to pain, so strange to me. It’s almost like when you go through so much in life it makes everything that should be a big deal seem as if it’s nothing.

Im going to spend my Saturday night reading my overflowing stack of magazines, pulling looks for an editorial and eating take out in bed!

PS I got instagram add me! username akitching

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