MoonChild Q&A!!!

This weeks MoonChild Q&A is from Lioy from France!

Name : Lioy Herz Kimyona

Age : 19

Country : France

Favorite music : Pop , Rock , Alternative , Bubblegoth , Metal <3

Favorite color : Black ,white , red & blue

Biggest inspiration : For me it’s music and especially the art graphics and all his lolita is indeed a mixture happy and positive to be able to create his own world and make himself happy or even

Bubble or goth : i believe are the two i think it’s complementary ^^

Favorite flavor : milk chocolate <3

Best advice i ever got : Living day to day

Most ridiculous fashion statement : The corset-breasted sharp tipped

Biggest dream : Able to create my own clothing line , meet my idols and possibly work with them and live in Japan <3

The words i live by : Life teaches you to be stronger each day

One thing i can’t live without : MUSIC <3

Finish the sentences :

No one knows that i…i know what to do when i want know ^^

If i were to live a different body for a one day, i would be ..A celebrity of music to know his daily life and to realize a dream of mine

i a got a chance to spend a day with a person , dead or alive , it would be i would spend more time with my father in order to reconnect lost..i’m lucky he is alive especially

if i could time travel , i would go to ..i would go to the time of the nobility in order to change things !

Being a moonchild is about..Love each other and be united in love and peace and welfare of all <3

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