Miley Cyrus Goes Topless For $127K

Miley Cyrus has done some pretty shocking things as of late: from blowing $50K to lose 15 pounds to her x-rated cake photos. But perhaps one of the most recent shockers is that the 19-year-old was caught topless driving through the streets of Los Angeles. Relax – Miley just bought a brand-spankin’ new convertible!

The former Hannah Montana star purchased a new white 2012 SL550 convertible Mercedes Benz in Encino, Calif. last week, TMZ reports. Sources say that Miley, who is reportedly worth $120 million, paid for the $127,000 ride in full at the dealership.

Lucky, lucky girl!

So is Miles ditching her old car for the new ride? No way! Her bodyguard was seen driving her old car back home while she took a spin in her new wheels.

Did Miley pay way too much for her new car?