What Did Miley Cyrus Get Caught With Now?

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Does anything Miley Cyrus does shock us anymore? The 19-year-old former Disney starlet has been amplifying her wild-child ways recently, from her erotic cake photos to her drunken admissions to dropping $127,000 on a brand-spankin’ new convertible. Now, recent footage shows Miley getting caught with joints and condoms. Say what?!

Relax – it’s just footage from her upcoming movie LOL, in which Miles plays Lola, a wild-child in her own right who gets caught by her mother (played by Demi Moore) partaking in questionable activities. Sounds like it could be a tad bit autobiographical!

Check out clips of Miley getting caught by Demi from LOL:

Do you think Miley’s character Lola is a far stretch from her own persona? Who would shock you more: Miley or Lola?