Lindsay Lohan Is Making Her Big Return After 6 Years!

With all the drama Lindsay Lohan has been through in the last few years, we couldn’t tell if the 24-year-old troubled actress’ career could be redeemed after all the trouble the public has seen the starlet get into. Whenever it looked like she was back on her way up, something would pop up and Lindsay was found in trouble yet again. Hopefully that isn’t the case this time around – especially since she’s set to make her big return to Saturday Night Live as a host after a whopping six years, reports E!

Lindsay tweeted the good news, saying: “SNL! I love @NBC !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Even her mother Dina Lohan got in on all the Twitter action, tweeting: “Lindsay Lohan is coming back to Saturday Night Live yay!!!”

NBC officially confirmed the big news: “That’s right: March 3rd, @lindsaylohan with musical guest Jack White!! See you then! #SNL #March3rd”

Hope Lindsay doesn’t mess this one up! Luckily Lindsay seems to be a pro at hosting SNL: she’s hosted three times and she’d made her debut as a host in 2004 when she was just 17. We’re rooting for you Lindsay!

Do you think this is Lindsay Lohan’s big comeback or do you think her career is hopeless?