Katy Perry’s New Man Cameos In ‘Part Of Me’ Video

How could Katy Perry‘s new song “Part Of Me” possibly hint at former husband Russell Brand anymore? Well, just when you thought the ex-dissing couldn’t get less subtle, KP has cast her new man in its video. What’s his name? Joe Calderone? Maybe, seeing as Katy‘s new ‘man’ is actually herself in drag…as a soldier.

According to the reliable source that is the internet, Perry’s new video was shot at USMC Base Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA and features her with cropped hair in military clothing. Seeing as Katy’s official reps will not comment on the authenticity of Tumblr’s information, the web has let its imagination run wild. Current conspiracy theories range from Katy playing a G.I Jane type role, supporting gay rights in the military, copying Lady Gaga or less intelligently, just dressing as a man as a big F.U to her ex-husband.

What’s your theory on Katy Perry’s reasons for her new uniform?

Are you a fan of her new material?