Get The Look: Jennifer Lawrence

While we’re anxiously waiting for Hunger Games to come out (it’s less than one month away!), Jennifer Lawrence is steadily making herself a household name. Having already landed multiple magazine covers and having been nominated for an Academy Award, the 21-year-old is making herself known in the entertainment industry. While she’s definitely been recognized for her versatile acting and modelesque stature, let’s not overlook the starlet’s fashionista side!

With her radiant, sun-kissed locks and emerald-coloured eyes, Jennifer Lawrence embodies a style that is coveted by young girls everywhere. With her classy yet down-to-earth persona, we can understand why Jennifer Lawrence is a style icon in the making.

We’re not sure who her stylist is, but at Buzznet, here are a few Jennifer Lawrence-inspired red hot looks that you can easily achieve everyday! All you need to do now is just scroll through the gallery below.


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