Hippie-Chic Fashion in Film: Almost Famous

This week, I’d like to discuss the fabulous hippie inspired fashion from the movie Almost Famous. It tells the story of a teenage journalist who is given the chance to write a story for Rolling Stone Magazine while covering the rock band Stillwater (as he accompanies them on their concert tour). This film definitely has an iconic spot as a fashionable film. It’s set in 1973 and truly embodies 70s fashion…flares, paisley, floppy hats, tassels, waistcoats, clogs, and of course – PLATFORMS. My favorite character of the film is Penny Lane, the playful wanderer played by Kate Hudson. She is a groupie, or “Band-Aid”, that not only has an awesome personality and taste for fun, but also an amazing and fearless taste in fashion! She has the typical 70s carefree style with flowing tunics, ethno elements, converse and John Lennon glasses. I’d describe her look as rocker chick meets hippie, with a touch of glamour. My favorite ensemble of hers has to be the embroidered peasant blouse, orangey-brown mini skirt, and lace up moccasin boots. And who can forget Penny Lane’s iconic coat, made from dark green suede, embroidered and edged with Mongolian fur trim? It’s AMAZE! Almost Famous is a movie about people following rock bands in the 70′s, and everything that happens along the way. If (like me) you’re a huge fan of music, fashion and the rock & roll lifestyle, then this film is definitely for you! It hasa great wardrobe and a great soundtrack (filled with David Bowie, The Who and Led Zeppelin), so it’s obviously a must-see!

Check out the amazing photo gallery below for some sweet 70s inspiration! And make sure to check out last weeks Fashion in Film, for the rebellion Rock & Roll movie: Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains!