Hayley Williams Supports Fans’ Piano Cover And Other Great Instrumental Interpretations

Youtube is riddled with covers of teenage girls warbling Paramore‘s tracks – some are very, very good and others are well, very, very bad, but not many (if any) get noticed by the band members themselves. However a certain version of 2011 track “Hello Cold World” got Jeremy Davis tweeting and now, Hayley Williams has taken to her Tumblr to thank Sam Yung for making her “favorite of the Singles Club songs sound so beautiful”. What was it exactly that caught Paramore’s attention about this cover then? Well it’s a piano interpretation that has been re-arranged and according to HBomb herself, it sounds “Incredible“.

Hello Cold World – Sam Yung

As well as “Hello Cold World“, Sam Yung has covered many other Paramore tracks including recent releases such as “Renegade” and “Monster“.

Sugar We’re Going Down – The Vitamin String Quartet

The extremely prolific Vitamin String Quartet have covered a large variety of artists ranging from Snow Patrol to Lady Gaga and of course Paramore, also. They released two entire albums dedicated to Fall Out Boy as well as releasing various singles.

Telephone – ‘simplyfluke’

Google “Ukele cover” and you’ll find plenty of bedroom musicians re-interpretting anything ranging from rock to rap, however there are only a few which are instrumental. One of the finest sans vocals is this Youtube uploaded version of the Gaga/Beyonce collab. Just listen to the ukele opening ringtone. Super cool.

Rolling In The Deep – ‘Meadesfamily’

Instrumental covers don’t have to be fuddy duddy – sometimes they can go electro. Just look at those bands who are making waves with chiptune. Sadly, most Stylophone covers don’t get past the first thirty seconds but this Youtuber makes it through the entire Adele ballad complete with the computer’s mouse as a drum.

Paradise – Natalia Zielinski

Love the way Coldplay‘s Paradise opens with a string section? Do you wish that it could just carry on through the whole song? Well if you do, this violin and piano cover may please you. This hasn’t got so-many thousand Youtube views for nothing.

What instrumental covers do you love?

What do you think of Sam Yung’s “Hello Cold World” cover?