Grammy Trail Off #7: The Lonely Island’s ‘Turtleneck & Chain’

The Grammys aren’t all srs bzns, you know–there is a place for LOLZ. And one of the nominees for Best Comedy Album this year is Turtleneck & Chain by the side-splitting trio known as The Lonely Island.

Elijah Wood and Ryan Reynolds both appear in the music video for T&C track “On the Ground”. They are “two Hollywood phonies” in the video.

-In 2005 Elijah Wood started his own record label Simian, which to date has onlt signed two bands–Apples in Stereo and Heloise and the Savoir Faire

-The definition for the word “simian” is of, relating to, or resembling monkeys or apes

-Actor Jackson Rathbone, known for his role in Twilight, fronts a band called 100 Monkeys

-in 2009, Andy Samberg of The Lonely Island made his own New Moon trailer.

And heyyyy, we’re full circle.

Grammys are on SUNDAY! Are you gonna watch?