Foxy Shazam’s New Video ‘I Like It’

Foxy Shazam welcomes everyone to The Church of Rock and Roll in their new music video “I Like It”– which debuted February 8th on VEVO. The video begins with motorcycles, girls, machine guns and everything you’d expect from a Foxy Shazam video. Check it out!

The track “I Like It” comes off the newest album The Church of Rock and Rollwhich is available online and in stores now.

Eric Nally, vocalist of Foxy Shazam describes his view of the band below:

When I listen to a Foxy Shazam record I think of Evel Knievel, Bruce Springsteen, my childhood, Van Morrison, my old friends from high school I don’t talk to anymore, Elton John, the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and beyond, Iggy Pop and my first kiss. One of my favorite things to do when listening to my music is to close my eyes and picture a crowd of six million people all chanting “Foxy! Foxy! Foxy!” The lights go out and my band walks on stage. It gives me goose bumps. It all makes sense to me. When you listen to our record, think of your favorite things and it’ll make sense to you as well.

If you want to pick up Foxy Shazam’s new album, The Churck of Rock and Roll you can here on iTunes and check out tour dates on their offical site.

What do you think of the crazy video? Would you want to see Foxy Shazam live?