FOB’s Joe Trohman Begins Recording With New Band ‘With Knives’

You probably know him best as the lead guitarist for Fall Out Boy. Or maybe as a member of The Damned Things. However with both those bands, as he puts it, “on ice“, Joe Trohman has adapted a new project to keep himself busy – a band called With Knives.

Day 1 photo of inside the studio (SOURCE)

If you follow @trohman on Twitter, you’ve probably already noticed the band’s name in his bio but today things have stepped up a gear as he’s announced that him and Josh Newton have begun recording their debut release. You can read his statement below and follow the appropriate social media links to keep you up to date with progress.

“In case you’re unaware, I’m in a new band with Josh Newton (ETID, The Damned Things, Shiner et all) called With Knives. Been posting updates on the record which we just started today, follow the tumblr or go to Thanks for the support dinguses! Oh, and if actually follow what’s going on with the band you might hear some song snippets.”

Are you excited to hear that With Knives are recording?

What are you expecting from their material?