Flashback Friday: 5 On-Screen Presidents We Wish Were Real

With President’s Day just around the corner, let’s take this Friday to reflect on those who have led our country throughout the years. And not just the actual presidents of the United States of America, but also the ones who have led us through battles with aliens and bad guys via TV and movies. Whether or not you agree with the recent presidents, you can always count on these on-screen presidents to lift up your spirits!

From the brave Bill Pullman in Independence Day to Commander in Chief‘s woman president Geena Davis, here are 5 on-screen presidents we wish were really the president at one point or another:

An American President

Michael Douglas made a charming president in this movie co-starring Annette Benning.

Independence Day

As the commander-in-chief, Bill Pullman helps keep the country sane when aliens try to destroy the world.

The West Wing

Obviously Martin Sheen was doing something right – the show held on for seven seasons!

Deep Impact

As president during a devastating and chaotic time, Morgan Freeman has a the ability to deliver some grim news with that soothing voice of his.

Commander in Chief

The ABC show was way before its time, with Geena Davis as the leader of the country.

As a bonus: My Date With the President’s Daughter

Which on-screen president do you wish was really President?