Exclusive Interview With Michael Bruno Of Honor Society: ‘Deserted’ Is The Next New Song

Ladies, please hold your ‘fangirling’ until the interview is over 🙂 Mike Bruno, the lead singer of Honor Society, gave Buzznet the inside scoop on tour, the next demo they’re releasing and the story behind the song’s accompanying artwork!

I first met the gents of Honor Society back when they were on the Jonas Brothers tour. They’re some of the most down to earth guys I’ve ever met in the music industry. I’ve seen them live 6 times and they just keep getting better– constantly evolving as musicians.

Hope you enjoy the interview!

Gabbie: Would you mind explaining what the Honor System is, for your newer fans?

Mike: The Honor System is basicaly us giving away free music to our fans. We did it for about 9 weeks last year, where we gave away one free song a week. Basically the deal is, we’ll give you free music if you guys as our fans spread the word to those who haven’t heard Honor Society yet. The first time, it went over really well and we brought it back. This time it’s a little different–you get the song by liking our facebook page and when we get 2,000 more likes on our page we’ll release the next track. We’re about halfway there

Gabbie: “Obsession” is the newest demo you released via the Honor System. Was it a song you had already had written?

Mike: You know what, it was a brand new song. When we got off tour at the end of the year, I got sick and had the flu. Even though I wasn’t feeling well, I still had all these new songs bubbling up. The guitar riff for “Obsession” was one of the first things that came to me. I showed it to the guys and they loved it and we built the rest of the song around it. It took maybe a week or two. It has been awesome, the fan response has been excellent. It’s a little different sound for us, it’s all still us though.

Gabbie: Yeah I feel like it has this western vibe to it.

Mike: Yeah, totally!

Gabbie: Everyone is loving the tour documentaries by Ruby Summer–and the fans want to know what it’s like in the studio.

Mike: Maybe we should have Ruby Summer come into the studio, so you guys can see what it’s like. It’s probably more mellow than people think. We kind of get in the zone. You know on tour, there’s a lot of joking around that happens.We’re so focused on getting the vibe right and if the song is more serious or even if it’s fun, we don’t want to be too jokey. The vibe is kind of mellow to be honest. It’s not always all four of us in the studio, sometimes its me and Jay. Sometimes it’s Jay and Andy, or me and Alexs.

Gabbie: And you actually did the painting for the demo. How long did it take you and what did you have in mind? Because it kind of looks like a Picasso painting, not going to lie.

Mike: You just made me lose my breath with the Picasso thing. He’s amazing and one of the best ever. But I appericate that you think that it has some of that flavor. I use to take art lessons after school when I was a kid. I was always interested in drawing and painting and all of the arts, really. It wasn’t my first time painting, but I havent done it in a while. The whole painting took about 35 minutes. The guys kept asking me what was I going to paint and I kind of didn’t want to think about it. I just wanted to put the song on and feel the inspiration. There was prob a good 10 minutes where I was just staring at the canvas. I just wanted to feel the vibe of the song.

Mike: I’m actually really impressed that you got the Picasso vibe, because some people are like, “wow Michael, you can’t paint a face,” but when i think of “Obsession,” it kind of means you’re a little crazy for something or out of your mind. So when I started painting I wanted it to be more of an abstract face.

Gabbie: I think it’s really good! I wish i could paint!

Mike: Thank you

Gabbie: You guys are about 1,000 likes away from your goal. Fans are going crazy and posting flyers and telling friends and family. How does that make you feel?

Mike: It’s awesome. We want the likes quickly, but hopefully we won’t get the likes today because the song isn’t done. We appreciate the fans so much even when the spotlight isn’t on us because they keep us exciting and relevant. It just means the world to us, that they are printing out flyers and pushing the cause.

Mike: If you want, we could give Buzznet the exclusive, we haven’t told anyone what the track is called.

Gabbie: Yes please! That was my next question

Mike: Just so you know, you will be the first person to be told! The new song will be called “Deserted.” It was another song that came to us while we were all not feeling well after tour. You know, on tour once one person gets sick, everyone gets sick.

Gabbie: You were all kind of laying there dying and you just came up with a song.

Mike: Yeah kind of. I came to the table with“Obsession,” while Jay and Alex started the “Deserted”one and then I added the lyrics and melody to it.

Gabbie: And you’re still working on it, but can you give me 3 words that describes the sound?

Mike: It’s a little slower then “Obsession but it’s really emotional. I would stay it’s emotinal, its bigger then “Obsession sounded and it has a little bit of a dreamy quality to it.

Gabbie: I can’t wait to hear it! Are the rest of the guys fighting over who is going to paint next?

Mike: It’s funny that you said that because, kind of, yes. I think, the next one is going to be Alex’s.

Gabbie: He’s pushing for it.

Mike: Yeah he’s pushing and he will probably do the same thing with video and everything

Gabbie: Are you going to stick with the 2,000 likes everytime or are you going to raise it?

Mike: Wow you’re good. It’s a good question. Not sure, let’s see how long this one takes. If we feel like this recording could take longer we might bump up the likes but we don’t want to make it too hard.

Gabbie: Are we going to be hearing these song on tour?

Mike: You know will we play them live, definitely. Will they make the next record? Maybe, maybe not. That’s the exciting element to it–these are songs that might not ever make a record, so it’s like get them while they’re available.

Gabbie: Everyone wants to know, are you guys working on a tour?

Mike: I know! Believe me, nobody wants to know more then us. Some touring is in the works. We’re talking pretty much everyday with our booking agent. Were trying to find the right tour. We might be opening up for someone bigger which would be exciting, or another headling or co-headling. As soon as we know.. we’ll let buzznet know first.

-So you heard it right here, first on Buzznet!

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Who would you like to see Honor Society go on tour with or join them as support on their own headlining tour?