Eva Mendes FINALLY Talks About Her ‘Dream’ Boyfriend Ryan Gosling

She’s one of the most envied ladies in all of Tinsel Town at the moment for snagging Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling as a boyfriend, but so far Eva Mendes hasn’t flaunted the fact that millions of girls around the world would love to be in her shoes… until now. In the March issue of Marie Claire, the gorgeous 37-year-old actress opens up about taking on edgier roles, being more than just a pretty face and – let’s face it, the ONLY thing we really care to hear about – finally talks about her man, Ry-Gos!

The couple star together in the upcoming film The Place Beyond the Pines, and Eva tells Marie Claire, “He’s your dream co-star. I have never felt so creatively satisfied on a film.”

That’s it?! Oh Eva, you could do better than that. Guess we’ll just have to see photos from more Disneyland trips and European vacations to really get the scoop!

What would you like to hear Eva talk about when it comes to matters of Ry-Gos?