Dear Buzznet

Next Wednesday is my last day as a full time employee of Buzznet. I’ve been here SIX YEARS which is almost longer than I’ve had my favorite pair of jeans, three times as long as my longest romantic relationship and 1 year longer than my 2nd job ever. What can I say? I’m kind of a lifer.

Are you familiar with the phrase “fly by the seat of your pants”? I am that kind of person. I don’t have a five year plan or a ten year plan I just know the values I hold. I like to work with good people, inspiring people and I like to test my skill set. There have been so many things at Buzznet that I’ve been freaked out by doing, but like…. who was gonna do it if I didn’t?

I’ve been a writer, project manager, video producer, interviewer, community manager, photographer, editor, touring correspondent, branded “voice,” label relations, and overall girl Friday. What do you need done? I can probably do it. Is no one else washing the f*cking coffee cups? I’ll do it.

As aspiring young music enthusiasts who die a little inside at the thought of giving up shows for a 9-5 gig, you are probably wondering: what can I do? How do I make music my life?

Here are the lessons I’ve learned:

1. You can’t just be a writer or photographer or videographer–you need to know the basics of all those things. You don’t have to claim to be Tarantino or James Montgomery or someone on Getty Images staff (they only ever shoot the singer of the band, anyway) but watch those YT tutorials and absorb what you can. Being a one-stop web publishing shop is of extreme value.

2. You’re going to be afraid. You’re going to be intimidated as f*ck. The best thing you can do in this situation is be prepared. Do your homework. Ask questions. Be the best version of you that you know how to be.

3. Ditch your sense of entitlement. Life math makes no sense. Just because you do A and B does not mean you will get C. A life’s dedication to route D or L or a 15k investment does not mean you will be rewarded. Be mentally prepared for the rocky and amorphous path. Get stoked on it. There will be precarious UPS and anxiety-driven DOWNS. Put on your hard hat an be ready to get in the f*cking mix.

4. Don’t ever lose sight as your perspective as a fan. Don’t forget what makes you feel aiive and giddy and ~part of it all~

5. You have to think outside the box, babies. Music isn’t just a business for labels and publicists anymore. it’s technology and creativity and people with big ideas who aren’t totally sure how to translate that into REAL LIFE. Be open. Be excited.

6. Remember that it’s an experience. And experience is what gives you depth and stories and you are going to have some low points–but it’s not for nothing.

UPDATED: these are suggestions from Ashly that I agree with

7. Some people are probably going to hate you. If you don’t have some “haters,” you’re doing it wrong.

Nobody can like or agree with everything. If you aren’t attracting people who are trying to tear you down, you are not putting yourself out there.

8. Grow a thick skin. You’re going to need it. You’re going to feel out of place, you’re going to feel like people are attacking you or just “don’t get you.” If you let it get to you, you will be miserable, you will only hurt yourself in the process. It might take you awhile to realize it, but it is just the internet.

And remember that I’m available for pep talks.

For those about to rock, we salute you



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