Dani Vitale Dances With Rihanna At The Grammys 2012

Last night was a rush of emotions! It was my first time performing at the Grammys and the Staples Center! I was blessed to be able to step on the stage that has been shared by so many talented people that night. And more importantly the dancers that I worked side by side with all week working up to this one night.

All week we had long hard rehearsals preparing for this one night, one performance. We danced to “We Found Love” by Rihanna. One of my FAVORITE songs out right now. So we were all beyond stoked to learn choreography and staging for this song. Knowing already it was going to be sick! As the piece started coming together and the band started coming into rehearsals we were all getting so stoked to perform on stage on Sunday. But we definitely worked our butts off all week. I had bruises everywhere and sore muscles for days! I got fashion advice on how to properly wear a jean vest from Rihanna herself lol. I was complimenting her on the one she wore on stage for the show. Where then we got in this deep conversation about how no one wears a jean jacket correctly lol. So now I’m on the prowl for the perfect vintage jean vest. You don’t realize how much work goes into these award shows behind the scenes with costuming, lighting, props, staging, entrances, exits etc. I give so much credit to the people who make it happen flawlessly. After the week of rehearsals we hit the stage at the Staples Center to stage it and figure it out. That’s when it hits you! Marking on stage looking out into the audience seeing the paper faces on the seats where everyone is sitting. I always try and pick someone to look at. This year it was Adrian Grenier, But then when I look I see Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Coldplay, and a bunch of other cool people then I start to get a little nervous. Sunday came and went in a blink of an eye. All week it was SO nice to have friends and family supporting me. Then last night getting in costume and all walking to the stage together was so amazing. We were all pumped screaming and jumping to go kill it with Rihanna on stage for everyone in the audience and those watching at home. It feels like a dream after the number is finished. Like, did that happen?!? I want to go back out there! Then the best part is always going to my phone awaiting my mother’s texts to see if she saw me on TV lol. Then the flood of love came in from friends, family and friends all over. No words can express how good it feels to be doing what you absolutely LOVE to do and having people see you do it. Sharing it with everyone around the world. Literally. I set very specific goals and aspirations as I get older and am able to cross things off this list, I can’t wait to see what doors open next. Thank you so much for following my journey with me. I can’t say thank you enough.