Christina Aguilera: Stylist Needed ASAP

There is nothing wrong with having some curves! I just can’t stress this enough: DRESS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE. Christina Aguilera should really start dressing for her size, she could be styled impeccably, yet she is such a mess. First off- THAT HAIR, it’s soooo big and messy and unflattering on her, she looks like shes being attacked by her extensions. The makeup looks like it’s caked on and dirty. The outfit she is wearing looks like it was from when she was a size 00 I WISH I could style her and just make her over. She could be wearing pretty dresses and look classy, I don’t even think she is ‘FAT’ she is just not a young pop princess anymore, she should accept that and dress for her new look.

Christina- give me a call.


Jazmin Whitley