Buzznet Storytellers Assignment #8: We Are Family

I don’t have any snazzy pictures of my sisters on my ATM so I will share with you some images from the internet that have to do with our nicknames.

My sisters are the best. We have been through so much crap together. Lots of bad some and hecka good stuff. That’s how life is. For some reason, I am the keeper of memories because my sisters have conveniently forgotten everything, ever. This always makes me feel weird when I talk about stuff and they have no memory of it. Their brains are weird.

Anymews, this is a photo of my one sister’s nickname:

Tater Tots for my sister that we call “Tator!”

At first, we used to call my sister “Bean” because one time, my other sister saw my sister changing and said that her body shape was that of a bean. As she grew, her body changed and we began to call her “Potato” and that changed to “tator.” She has kids now and those are all her Tator Tots. She would probably kill me if she found out that I am telling you all this.

Anyway, she and I have had a rocky relaysh ever since we were bb’s. She used to pull my hair and bite me a lot. She also broke my arm by throwing me off a slide because I was taking too long to go down it.

We used to have crazy fights and my stupid parents used to let her beat me up and I would feel conflicted because I was taught that I wasn’t supposed to hit girls. Then they would yell at me because I didn’t hit back. One time I did I wrecked shit and I still feel awful about it but THEY MADE ME DO IT. I hate my parents. That’s another story. JFC.

We get along rather well now and she’s a good egg. Her kids are awesome and creative and funny. She’s a good mom. I don’t know how that happened because we had pretty crappy parents.

Here’s a photo to sum up my other sister’s nickname:


This is my elder sister (I am the bb of the family and Tator is the middle child). When we were super young, our super little brother used to call us “Beaky” because he couldn’t say “Lindy/Ricky” (our other nicknames for me and my sis). He could, however, say “Stephanie,” which is Tator’s actual name. Weird.

The brother I mention is our halfsies brother. We also have a halfsies sister named Bekkah. They are from my bio-Mum’s (she’s the awesome mom and when I say “crappy parents” I usually mean my dad and our step mom that “raised” us) second/third marriages, respectively. Don’t ask.

Anyway, Beaks and I get along rather swimmingly. We always have. When my other sister would torment me as a child, Beaks would rescue me. I think like, in our entire lives, we’ve only fought once and it was dumb and over the TV. My sister is really creative and megamazing at drawing and painting and such. She also used to be really into baking pastries and I always got to eat them and I got all fet.

Beaks has two kids like my other sister, Junebug and Spawn. June is like, one of the smartest people ever on the planet and he doesn’t even try. He goes to some crazy magnet school and gets all A’s all the time. Spawn is Beaks’s daughter and she’s all wild but SO FUNNY. She’s always stoked to see me and she jokes around a lot.

Beaks is also a really good mom and again, how that happened is beyond me. My sisters rock. I love them to pieces. Well, that’s my family story. Hope you enjoyed!