Britney Spears In “Sinéad” [MUSIC VIDEO]


READ IT BEFORE WATCH IT:Hey guys, this is my new video! I worked a lot on it and it turned out almost how I wanted it, I’m pretty satisfied of the result. I really love Within Temptation, it’s one of my fav symphonic metal band ever, and I had the pleasure to see them live in concert on October 17, 2011 in Milan, the show has been EPIC and can’t wait to see them again and I’m planning to go in Holland (their mother country) for their next tour….So, I chose one of my fav song of them, it’s called “Sinéad” and it is from their last concept album “The Unforgiven”. You have to say this album is supported also by a comic with the same name and the protagonist is just Sinéad, she’s one of the unforgiving. Mother Maiden, an old lady on a wheelchair, is the leader of this group, and she gives a second chance to all the one killed someone for a right reason and then dead for their fault. She come back in live these elected for punish bad people. [//]The story is really cool, and “Sinéad” is also one of the singles of the album and I chose some clips of the original music video [//] for rend this video with Britney as the protagonist (Sinéad, exactly).I think it’s enough clear she is ready for punish the man who is spying on her and she goes at the club where he usually goes and kill him, after that she tried to escape from the police but she has been caught, and in the end she exclaim: “I’m not that innocent!” and you can read that she will break out really soon from the prison!

I really hope you like this video of mine, since I always have been anticonformist, I always tried to make different videos to the usual one because I think you can get enough to the same fanmades with the same songs.

Leave a comment below my video if you like it, if you don’t like it, I would advice to don’t waste your time to dislike it or write bad and boring comments because you will be blocked in an instant! If you don’t like my works, try to search on YT something you love, I think you will be more glad to watch it!

Song: SinéadArtist: Within TemptationAlbum: The UnforgivingYear: 2011Record Label: Sony BMG

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