Bosilika An Get’s All Dolled Up In Li Cari

This amazing young lady named Bosilika An, is known as the ‘Teen Philanthropista’ Bosilika and has been taught compassion for others, bravery to challenge social rules and stigmas and that it is her civil responsibility to do the most she can with the fortunate luck she has been given. Today, she focuses her efforts on encouraging other teens to get involved in their communities by acting as The CEO of the BASH Organization and The Event Coordinator of The BASH Event

She came by my showroom and I styled her in a few different looks, she was so sweet and it was a pleasure getting to dress her up! I hope to style a fashion show for a BASH event in the future.

Here are the final photos from the shoot!

If you had to pick one of these looks for Bosilika to wear on a Valentines Day date, what look would it be?


Jazmin Whitley

Li Cari