Band Lineup Change: Man Overboard Lose A Man

New Jersey founded pop punk band, Man Overboard have announced they are parting ways with their long time drummer, Mike Hrycenko. In an explanation posted on the band’s Facebook page, they assured fans it was an amicable decision and they wish the best for their friend in the future.

Here is the official statement :

“Thanks to everyone who has supported the Pop Punk The Vote tour so far, each show has been amazing. If you’ve attended a show then you know that we have our friend Joe playing drums for us. We love Mike to death, most of us have been playing music with him for 10+ years in one band or another but some things are not meant to be. We wish Mike luck as earns his college degree and whatever else the future brings him. See all of you at the remainder of the PPTV Tour, in europe or at Warped!”

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Do you think bands are ever the same when they lose an original member?