Turquoise Dreaming

A few years ago I went through a phase where I was obsessed with the color red. I filled my old apartment with it and surrounded myself with the aggressive hue, not realizing just how sensitive I am to color: by the time I moved out of that apartment a year or so later I felt nauseous every time I even looked at anything red. So I looked to purple to cool me down, and then turquoise, and aqua, and teal, and seafoam green. And thus turquoise, the color that excited and calmed me at the same time, became my favz color like whoa! (Fortunately my aversion to red has since subsided. We are back on speaking terms, and we even spoon every once in a while.)

In this gallery are a whole bunch of images of turquoise lips, cupcakes, hair, skulls, and other lovely things.

Are you as a big of a turquoise fan as I am??