All Time Low Getting Back To Their Roots With Next Album

All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat revealed in an interview with, they will be getting back to their roots with the next release.

Alex, the band’s singer and guitarist,revealed their new album is currently in the very early stages of writing, but that their focus for writting and recording has shifted back to the basics.

“It’s getting back to what we know. It’s getting back to two guitars, bass and drums and kick ass songs with kick ass lyrics.”

Good call boys.

Alex had previously confessed that for their 2011 release, Dirty Work the goal was to gain mainstream attention by making a radio friendly album. This time around however, they just want to be ATL.

Check out the entire interview to find out how Alex got involved with We Are The In Crowd’s new single, “Kiss Me Again” and what the boys think of being called “Jalex”.

Did you like Dirty Work or do you prefer their older stuff?