The After Party’s Andy Bell Shares His Valentine’s Day Plans

The After Party are currently on tour with Allstar Weekend, but Valentine’s Day is upon us so Andy Bell took some time to share his fondest memories of love with us! Check out who was his first crush and the best relationship advice his mom gave him! CUTE!

Who was your very first crush?

My first crush was Hannah Webber, a cute little brunette in my 1st grade class. The first time I realized I had a crush on her was when we were playing with hot wheels on the floor mat in our classroom and our eyes met for a second, and my heart starting racing. It was the best feeling in the world.

What’s the most outrageous (or creative) thing you’ve done to get someone’s attention?

Well I can’t say that I’ve done anything too outrageous, because that’s not really my personality. But in 3rd grade I put TWO chocolates in my crush’s V-day card and only put one in the rest of the kids’ cards. She never said anything about it, but I know it made her fall in love with me. It’s the little things that count 😉

If you could date a character from a TV show, who would you choose?

I would definitely date Selena Gomez, I have the biggest crush on her. And she has magical powers, win-win if you ask me!

What’s the best relationship advice you’ve ever received?

My mom always said it best.. “Don’t have one girlfriend, have many girls who are friends.” I may have misinterpreted that saying a little bit, I never got passed the many girls part lol.

What’s the worst romantic comedy you’ve ever seen?

Probably any movie I’ve ever soon on Lifetime. To be honest though, I watch movies like that with my mom and sister when I’m home and I gotta say I really enjoy them.

What band/artist writes the best love songs?

Barry White, obviously!

How/Where will you spend Valentines Day 2012?

I will spend Valentines Day inSilver Spring,MDplaying for a bunch of beautiful women! I am going to buy a rose and give it to a random stranger, and then eat a lot of chocolate! Its going to be an awesome day 🙂

You can catch The After Party on tour now with Allstar Weekend!

Who was your first crush?