20 Questions Interview With Male Model & Lana Del Reys ‘Born To Die’ Lover Bradley Soileau

I had the pleasure of doing my 20 questions segment with the beautiful, down to earth and talented Bradley Soileau best known for his modeling work and being the tattooed lover in Lana Del Reys rad “Born To Die” video!

First off tell us how you were “discovered” and how your modeling career all started?

i was going to sell a bunch of dvd’s at kims dvd on 1st avenue between 7th and 8th street in the east village of NYC when my agent Dave Fothergill scouted me for modeling, from then on i got into shooting really quick.

Was modeling something you aspired to be growing up or was it kinda something that just “happened”?

I never thought for a single second that’d i’d ever be a model, especially ater i started getting tattoos, so this just happened, but it happened in a pretty big way so thats really cool. People aspire & dream to be where i am, for that i’m grateful.

Favorite brands/designers at the moment?

Siki Im, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Comme Des Garcons, Rick Owens, Dominic Louis, Givenchy, Drop Dead, Supreme

How would you describe your personal style, Where do you pull your inspiration from?

I pull my style from the many influences i have in life, hip hop, high end fashion designers, the styles of the stylist that style me for shoots, i use that and the style of the streets of nyc to create my style. i want people to see me and know its me.

The question you knew was coming, so how was it working with Lana? Any sparks? Any plans for a part two?

Working with Lana was like working with a best friend, someone i was really close ith. she’s so kind, and she made me feel at home and in place instead of awkward and out of place like some people can make you feel. So i really enjoyed the shoot, it was a lot of fun, as for sparks, there was a definite chemistry that even reads into the video that im pretty sure everyone can see. and i’ve heard of another video but i havent heard anything solid, so i dont really know. i guess we’ll find out soon enough.

I read somewhere you DJ, what kinda music do you spin? Vinyl or computer? Is this something you would like to do more on a full time scale?

i like to spin french house, but theres not an entirely huge demand of that so i usually get into spinning house and hip hop. lots of top 40 stuff, im trying to work on branding my own style of djing so i can just do crazy parties with lots of house and trill southern rap and chopped and screwed tracks. I use serato on my computer, which is a virtual way to use vinyls with your mp3 collection so you don’t have to carry around crates of vinyl. And as for doing this on a more full time scale, thats the goal and i’ve been working pretty hard on that.

Favorite bands/artists at moment?

A$AP Rocky, SPACEGHOSTPURRP, Rob Roy, Neako, Mr. Hudson, Modern Life Is War, Cold World, The Weeknd, Big K.R.I.T., Flatbush Zombies

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can actually write pretty well when i give myself the time to do it. i can cook reall good szechuan shrimp also.

Single or taken? SINGLE

Do you get to travel a lot for your work? If so what’s your favorite city that you have visited?

I have started traveling a lot recently for work and and my favorite place so far would have to be barcelona. its gorgeous there. it was really cold when i was there which kind of sucks, but i wanna go back in the spring when its warm because everyone says it’s like paradise.

Something people don’t know about you?

people do not know that i was in the boy scouts for a large chunk of my early years

Biggest turn off?

women that do too much partying, you know “that girl” that is always trashed, always crying and always puking. the real ridiculous one that is a total train wreck, yeah thats a turn off.

Biggest turn on?

a woman that knows what she wants when she wants it and how she wants it, like a grown ass woman that has style and a goal in life,

Favorite movie?


Five things you can’t live without?

lucky strike click & roll cigarettes, turntables, weed, coffee, and my iphone

What’s the best and worst thing about being a model?

best thing about being a model is all the perks, the fancy parties, meeting cool people, cool free shit from time to time. the worst thing about beig a model is the pay, if you catch one of those 1000k campaigns then you dont get this, but man, some kids model for forever and dont make any money, and then when you do make money, you have to wait like 3 or 4 months to get paid. its pretty rough.

Does it ever get old having girls tell you how hot you are?

it’s been old, its past old, i’ve been over it. i could care less if i’m hot and if girls think so. its crazy, i get to see the other side of women that most men won’t ever know exists. like i get treated like a really hot chick wearing a mini skirt/no panty combo, walking down the street in nyc during the summer. girls throw themselves at me in the worst way, but not in real life, only online. in real life, i think maybe people think i’m unapproachable…i’m not sure, but yeah i’m over it.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

sushi. all day every day. there are so many different types to choose from.Cats or dogs?

cats over dogs anyday. cats are much more chilled out. way more relaxed and to themselves. dogs are too intense for me. Any up coming plans for fashion week?

i had some shows yesterday, maybe more castings and shows, who knows, i missed a lot of castings from being in barcelona for work, so i’m not doing too many shows, but valentines day is around the corner and i’ll be djing a party, and thats during fashion week so i guess thats my only real plans.