Makeup Tutorial

I’ve been kinda obsessed with this super colorful eye make up. Did it on half of the Zero Gravity promo shots of which some you have seen and some not (can’t wait to share!) so I thought it’s a good time for a simple tutorial. All you need is some colorful eye shadows and some fantasy….here is how I do it:

First, I cover my whole eyelid with the Candy Eyed eyeshadow primer Lime Crime just sent me. I am definitely hooked on this product and It’s probably the best primer I’ve ever used. It makes the lids kinda sticky which I love and gives you a perfect canvas.

Then I cover the whole lid with a light shimmery eye shadow (Lime Crimes Nymph in this case but anything goes). I like to do that before adding any color to kinda have some kind of a more powdery base so I can blend the colors well.

Now, the color!

I start with the yellow on the corner of my eye. I love Sugarpill’s Butter cupcake. It’s perfectly bright and perfectly opaque.

Then Orange – I use Sugarpills Flame point.

Next is bright pink and the very last color on the eyelid is purple. Throughout the whole thing I use a big nice blending brush to blend the colors. Mine is from e.l.f. It was 3 dollars and is absolutely awesome and perfect. Their brushes are so cheap but truly amazing. Actually right now they have the whole set for 3 dollars instead of 30 if u spend 25 in their online shop. I haven’t been blown away by the products but the brushes are totally awesome.

I use Sugarpill’s afterparty blue eyeshadow under the eye and add a little shimmer with their starling loose eyeshadow on top of it to add some bling.

Yay! Done with the color. To make it all POP! I use liquid black eyeliner on the upper lid and some black eye pencil inside the lower lid.

And to make it all totally awesome, I add some fake lashes for the extra dramatic effect. My favorite ones are the ones I get from Japanese markets but Sugarpill has some pretty awesome ones out as well right now.

Hope u’re inspired by this tutorial…send me your versions of it to and I’ll put them up! 🙂

Love, light and rainbow cakes,