10 Reasons Why We Love Dakota Fanning

We’ve seen little Dakota Fanning act when she was just a wee kid only to grow up and mature as a young actress on the verge. The highly-accompished actress has done great things in her career and she JUST turned 18!

Happy birthday Dakota Fanning!

Today is her birthday and in honor of her day of birth, here are reasons we love Dakota:

1. She and her sister Elle Fanning seem to have a pretty incredible bond – aside from their amazing acting talents!

2. She’s been able to go from child star to more adult roles flawlessly.

3. Dakota was a former Girl Scout.

4. She was amazing in the movie I Am Sam – a movie she acted in when she was only seven years old!

5. Her role as a Volturi has even non-Twilight fans applauding her on her role.

6. Despite growing up in the spotlight, Dakota took part in various activities all her school friends were doing: she was even a cheerleader at her LA high school!

7. Her style is pretty wicked!

8. Remember this gem? (We miss you Brittany Murphy!)

9. She was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for her role in I Am Sam when she was a mere seven years old, making her the youngest person to ever be nominated!

10. Showing her selfless side, Dakota has been involved in charities such as Stand Up 2 Cancer and the Bruin Run/Walk that benefits the Child Life/Child Development program at the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.

Why do YOU love Dakota Fanning?