‘Y Is For You’ Photo Round Up + The Letter Z

Last week, the letter “Y” crept up on us like sneeky sneek that sneeks and creeps. IDEK what I am talking about. Also, this was a gallery assignment. That means that there a few things for you to take photos of. Here’s the list:

We had just enough entries to show you one item from each gallery on the list. Make sure that you go to the galleries and check out everyone’s work if you haven’t done so already. Let’s take a look at what makes some of our friends here unique!

Your room/haus – Jane

See her complete gallery here.

Favorite Snax – Le Donut by Me

Favourite Hobby – Rea Lindsey

See her full gallery here.

Favorite Movie – Pishelle

See her full gallery here.

Favorite Band Related Item – KatieJRod

See her full gallery here.

Favorite Time of Day: Aly

See her full gallery here.

Favorite Possession – Cyanide & Coffee

See her full gallery here.

Favourite Place – Ricia

See her full gallery here.

Something Loved – Meghan93

See her full gallery here.

Something hated – Breeetany

See her full gallery here.

Thanks to all you fine feathered friends that posted this week! Send me a message so I can send you some of these:

If I missed your photos, it is because I could not find them in the tags or because you didn’t tell me or I am a butt and forgot. So, if I did forget you, LMK so I can flog myself and then include your gallery 🙂

Are you all ready for the last letter of the alphabet?


We will talk about what’s next for the Photo of the Day Group. I am thinking a ‘Lyric Project” or something snazzy. We shall see. You can present any ideas in the comments. Anypoop, let’s talk about the Letter Z.

Z is for Zodiac

I don’t know if some of you are into the zodiac or not. Personally, I am not. When I was looking into this a while back, some book said that Virgo people like cats so I was all “WELL HOLY CRAP IT MUST BE TRUE.” Now that I have a dog (and a very cute one at that), the zodiac is wrong. Actually, that isn’t true. I just don’t give any figs about it.

The assignment for this is as follows:

Anything relating to your sign, post it. You know, your birthstone, your element, a trait, anything. I am leaving this vague because hey, it’s astrology. You can blog, doodle, art, whatever. Just add your post to the Photo of the Day Group and/or drop me a note.

Last Day to Post: 22 Jan 2012Round Up: 23 Jan 2012

Since the number of my sign is the number 5, I am probably going to make a pentagram or something on the floor, light it on fire, and then dance with some cats or something. Or, OR, I might like, take a picture of myself being all sensual or something because that is supposedly a trait that us Virgo peeps have. That is all! TTFN!