Would You Go Under the Knife?

I personally feel plastic surgery is wrong.

However- there are certain circumstances where I do agree it is 100% okay. I think risking your life, going under the knife just for something so superficial is unnecessary and sad.

Getting procedures done for reasons such as reconstructive surgery from cancer, burns, or accidents is obviously not the type of plastic surgery I’m talking about.

I have friends & family who have had procedures done such as nose jobs, boob jobs, and liposuction and I feel like the the society we live in today we all expect perfection.

God made us all perfect and beautiful in our own way.

I think some people get surgery done because they feel unhappy with their looks but I also feel like they want to be accepted and are unhappy with how others view them.

Is it really worth putting your life in someones hands to “fix” something that is not even broken?

The anesthesiologist is more than just the person who controls pain during the procedure. He or she is responsible for keeping your blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen level at the proper levels and for resuscitating you if something goes wrong. In the best of all worlds, you have seen your primary care provider prior to the day of surgery and been medically cleared.But it’s up to the anesthesiologist to reassess your condition and, if needed, cancel the procedure.

I’m such a big fan of Ashlee Simpson, I think she was gorgeous before getting her nose done. I actually feel like it took away character for her face.

Miss Tisdale, was it really needed?

I think it’s degrading to get HUGE fake boobs. If you’re born with em, awesome…there is nothing better than natural beauty.

I feel like girls out there need to love themselves and know that we are all born with so many different physical qualities- and there is no definition of beauty! Life is so short as it is, why not embrace who we are?

Plastic surgery can also be addicting, never feeling like you are perfect and always wanting to change yourself can lead to horrible results.

You can see that she not only got her boobs done, but her hips, face, and entire overall appearance!! Yikes.

Once you alter yourself, there is no going back…no undo button.

What are your views? Do you think it’s a good thing, a bad thing? Would you personally change anything on your body? I would love to hear what you feel!

XXJazmin Whitley