Where In The World Is Ryan Gosling?

With awards season in full swing and red carpets galore, Ryan Gosling is nowhere to be found. Sure, the 29-year-old actor was snubbed for his amazing work in flicks such as Drive and The Ides of March, but we haven’t heard so much as a peep from Hollywood’s main hunk… until now! So where has Ry-Gos been hiding all this time? The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Ryan who is currently overseas in Bangkok, Thailand preparing for his upcoming film Only God Forgives with director Nicolas Winding Refn.

What has Ryan been doing with his time in Bangkok? Learning the art of Muay Thai boxing, which he trains in sessions for 2-3 hours daily.

“It’s sparring basically. They don’t really use weights. Nicolas is doing it as well,” Ryan said.

Ryan leaving Muay Thai sessions

What he hasn’t gotten to do is watch an actual Muay Thai boxing match (yet!), but he’s very impressed by the local fighters he works with.

“It’s very hard. They have people training around me and they could all beat me up,” he joked.

When asked if he felt snubbed by the Oscars for not receiving any nominations for his work, Ry-Gos simply said, “No.”

Looks like Russell Crowe is taking it worse than Ryan is!

Do you feel that Ryan Gosling got snubbed from the Oscar nominations? Which movie do you feel he should have received a nomination for?