Who Is Wiping Away Katy Perry’s Tears?

Ever since news broke that Katy Perry and husband Russell Brand were splitting, we couldn’t help but wonder how Katy was handling the breakup. Word was that the 36-year-old comedian was the one who filed the divorce papers, but some attributed it to the rumors that the split was due to the 27-year-old songstress’ evangelical Christian parents. Guess the rumors were false!

From her new blue ‘do and backing out of the People’s Choice Awards to unfollowing her soon-to-be-ex-hubby on Twitter, it looks like Katy’s showing signs of a bad case of a broken heart. Hollywood Life spoke to a source close to the singer who says that while Katy’s “trying not to back out of commitments,” she’s also very hurt that Russell filed for divorce. Luckily Katy’s friends are there for her, including Katy’s bestie Rihanna!

Katy’s friends are doing everything they can to help keep her happy and just be there to listen to her,” our source says. “Rihanna has been unbelievable and checks up on her every day and even invited her on a trip. Katy even asked Rihanna to meet her in Vegas and be there with her.”

Awww… so sweet to hear that Rihanna has her BFF‘s back!

“Katy has really lost her appetite though,” the source continues. “She is doing her best to remain upbeat while at work but she is deeply hurt.”

Sad! Hope Katy gets through this tough time with a little more ease.

What do you think Rihanna can do to help ease Katy’s pain? How do you get over a broken heart?