Is Willow Smith Too Young For A Tattoo?

She may be a 21st century girl, but the hair-whipping Willow Smith is not even a teenager yet and already has been photographed with a tattoo! MediaTakeout has leaked a photo of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith‘s 11-year-old singing daughter with some ink on the back of her neck.

Check out the photo here:

The Examiner has an explanation of what the tattoo symbolizes: apparently it is the logo of the clothing line TISA. Given the unprofessional appearance of the ink, The Examiner believes it isn’t a real tattoo. Temporary tattoos anyone?

Is this Willow’s first tattoo? Do you she’s too young for it if it were?

How young do you think is too young for a person to have a tattoo? Do you think Willow’s tattoo is real, or do you think the 11-year-old really has some ink?