Which Hollywood Hunk Will Taylor Swift Be Writing About Next?

With all the songs she’s written about the guys she has dated, you would think that the fellas would be steering clear of Taylor Swift. The 22-year-old country crooner has been known to write numerous songs about her love interests – a chunk of them not in a good light! Who dares to be Taylor’s next big hit? Watch out Zac Efron – you might be next! The 24-year-old New Year’s Eve actor apparently is taking his chances and took Taylor on a dinner date recently.

Reportedly, ever the gentleman, Zac picked up Tay Tay in his Audi before whisking her away to Italian eatery Pace in L.A. (The duo also dined there with their mutual pal Justin Bieber earlier in the week) In a corner table, the two were seen “deep in conversation and very giggly,” said an onlooker to Us Weekly.

This isn’t the first time the two were flirty in public: after his 2010 breakup with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, he called Taylor a “lovely girl, very beautiful.” Tay, who also broke up with her guy Jake Gyllenhaal around the same time gushed about Zac, calling him an “all-around amazing guy.”


Do you think Taylor and Zac are on their way to becoming a couple, or was this just a friendly dinner date? Do you think Taylor and Zac would make a cute couple?