Vote For Me, Please!

So, I don’t know if I talked about this award/event before, but I tell you once again.

On YouTube has been proposed to join to this Britney Video Awards 2012 with Britney’s fanmade video, and for the occasion I wanted to take part because you know how much I love Britney and I really love to make fanmade and stuff like that so, beside the fact I put a lot of dedition in my works, I have a charge more because of this award and I was really happy to join.

Tonight the nominations has been revealed and with all my surprise I’m in an ONLY one category, in BEST NEW COMER, and I’m really upset and angry.

First because even though 5 judges (YouTube users) watched 600 videos and decided who put in the 24 category, there’s no equity:

– a lot of people are nominated more than once and also twice in a category

– the same judges themselves put their videos in the category

– if I’ve been nominated as BEST NEW COMER of 2011, I think it is right to have a video nomination in one of the category, otherwise how I could be part of the BEST NEW COMER category? It hasn’t sense in my point of view!

I know that I’m not an AWESOME video director and I know that I still have to learn a lot for make my videos always better but I really would like to see the honesty and the coherence, but I think I will never see them.

I won’t to be argumentative but I have to say what I think and have my opinion and also to make see to the people how the things should go!

I think I will never take part to stuff like that!

By the way, I hope you support me and make me win in the only one category I’ve been nominated.

I know you can do it!

CLICK HERE and vote for me in BEST NEW COMER category

[my nickname is BritneyIsFemmeFatale]

And I hope you can follow my 365 Days Project too!

Thanks so much,

With Love