Valentine’s Day 2012 & You: Buzzlove Party Inside

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we all know what that means: It’s Singles Awareness Day 2012! Woot!

I made a gif. I know it’s crappy. Don’t judge me.

Some of us are single. Some of us aren’t. All that I know is that we love our friends here on Buzznet. Since Valentine’s Day is that time of year when Hallmark decided to make us send cards and stuff to people that we like, some of us will be grumpy because of reasons. Also, Valentine’s Day is during the week and that’s weird.

The Origin of Love on Buzznet: Our First Valentine’s Day Card Exchange

The idea is pretty simple and pretty much the same. This year, you will not be required to join a group to party-ticipate. Magic! You will, however, still need to show us that you want to play the game this year by uploading a photo of your face (or w/e) holding a sign that says the following:


Valentine’s Day Party Is SRS BSN

What will happen:

  • Once you upload a photo (I know some of you are shy so just upload a photo of anything saying that you want to do this project), I will pair you up with someone on Buzznet.
  • Once you are paired up, PARTY HARD. If you need to change the person you’ve been paired up with, LMK and I will find you an Elder God to send a Valentine’s Day card to.
  • THESE CARDS DON’T MEAN YOU LOVE WHOMEVER YOU GET PAIRED UP WITH. It’s just a fun thing for us to do and spread some Buzz Love around because we all love each other.
  • Your card can be art, a photo you made with a heart in it, candy, an e card you stole from the internet, anything. We prefer that you craft your own things so the internet doesn’t sue us. Please don’t leave anyone out if you sign up for this because it is sad and I cry (a lot).
  • Upload your card to your profile & the SRS BSNS Gallery. Drop a note to your new BFF and say “HEY! Happy Valentine’s Day (or something).”

    The end.

Le easy? Are you ready to party? I am. I was born ready. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or candy, please leave me them in the comments.