‘Twilight: The Musical’ Is a Thing That Is Really Happening

If you’ve ever felt that the only way to make Edward dismantling Bella’s truck out of jealousy MORE romantic was for him to sing while he does so, guess what? You might get your wish.

Because Twilight: The Musical is going to happen.

Okay, okay, clarification: it’s only going to be a one night show and is going to be a parody of the popular books and movies. And it’s for charity, a point the MTV article makes very clear as they seem to fall over themselves apologizing to fans for the parody. Because, you know, Twilight is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

But wait. Wait, doesn’t this sound familiar? One night performance of a musical parody of a famous franchise, done for charity?

Well, yes, it is much like A Very Potter Musical. And there’s one other major similarity: Lauren Lopez, who played Draco in A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel will be appearing in Twilight: The Musical. What’s up, Twilight, do you really need to have everything Harry Potter has…I mean, other than a compelling plot, interesting characters, a concept of sacrifice and an empowering message of friendship and fighting against evil rather than “It’s really, really important to have a boyfriend?”

As for the actual music? Well, reported song titles are “Life Sucks When Your Boyfriend Is A Vampire,” “Death Never Sounded So Good” and “I Imprinted on an Infant.” So, there’s that.

What do you guys think about Twilight: The Musical?