Top 5 Super Bowl Essentials

Today I give you my very first list of thetop 5 Super Bowl essentials! Whether you’re going to a Super Bowl party or throwing one, you can’t NOT have these five essentials… trust me.

1. Football Pizza

A great DIY project that will add a unique edge to your party.

2. Customized Soda Cans

Another great DIY project. Simply make them on the computer, print them out and slap them on!

3. Individual Bean Dip

No one likes double dippers. And this way you won’t have to worry about it.

4. Cake (Foot)Balls

These are amazing and made in LA by my friend jenny-rae. Order soon if you want them in time.

5. Game Field Cupcakes

Real cake is overrated. Don’t be afraid to get creative with cupcakes. You can get great ones from the grocery store and jazz them up at home.

What’s your #1 Super Bowl essential?