Top 10 Things on Buzznet

This week, the internet went black and no one could fact check anything on Wiki. We were privy to finding out which bands would be hitting the studios this year to make new music and which celebs fell in love on set. Let’s take a look at some of the other things that got us all a flutter this week on Buzznet:

Bamboozle looks awesome this year: Are you going?

Buzznet Original: Laura Cheshire

20 Best Books Turned Into Movies

Buzznet Storytellers Assignment #6: Challenge Accepted

Kerli Is Officially on Buzznet

Get the Look: Lana Del Rey

Golden Globes: Best & Worst Dressed

Has Jay-Z Really Sworn Off Using the Word B*tch?

Would You Watch Twilight sans KStew & RPattz?

Keltie Colleen Gets Healthy

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