My Top 10 Of Britney Spears Best Outfits // Winter 2011

We are just greet 2012, but there still a blog I have to write, it’s about my favorite Britney’s outfits of this winter. In the last two months of 2011 we have seen Britney rocking her last trance of Femme Fatale Tour in South America but first having a special concert in Abu Dhabi; relaxing at the swimming pool with her family, celebrating her 30th bday and finally get engaged with Jason!

So this is my top 10 of her best outfits of this last winter, I hope you like it!

#10 – Britney arrives at the hotel in Brasil [November 12, 2011]

I’m in love with her long sweater/coat, I think it’s perfect as for casual look as for chic ones. She always has a great and fine sense for the fashion.

#9 Britney relaxes in the swimming pool of the hotel in Brazil [Nov 14, 2011]

How said Britney is fat has to change idea after have seen this photo. Britney shows her wonderful body in a moment of relax at the swimming pool of the hotel in Brazil. I think she is one of the few women in the whole world to can wear a neon micro bikini after two pregancies.

#8 Britney & Family Coming Back Home / Puerto Rico Airport [December 11, 2011]

Lovely mommy Britney helps her children at the check in, and I’m obsessed with her 48 shirt, and I’m still searching about which brand is it. Awwwww it’s so simply but so cute!

#7 Britney Arrives in LA [December 12, 2011]

After have searched for the whole day, I found that this faboulous peace sign hoodie is from and it will be my next purchase, can’t wait for wear it!

She’s so down on earth!

#6 Gimme More Costume Live in Abu Dhabi [November 11, 2011]

For respect Arabic culture, Britney changed a bit her costume and for Gimme More she chooses a whole golden leotard that she used for the rest of the tour. I think she’s so glamourous too! It’s Britney Bitch!

#5 Britney @ Rock Of Ages Musical In London [November 1, 2011]

Britney has been the special guest for Rock Of Ages Musical during their performance in London, she also met the whole cast and shot a few of photos together. For the occasion she wore a red turtleneck (I think she suits red in a perfect way), a dotted high waisted tight skirt, rhombus tights and the boots of her Candie’s line. You’re heaven on Earth!

#4 BOMT/S&M/Trouble For Me/I’m Slave 4 U Outfit Live In Abu Dhabi [Nov 11, 2011]

I really love when Britney changes costumes during her tours, I think this is one of my fav in the whole tournee. And I really would like create my own copy. This sequin black leotard with hot piece stones is simply awesome.

#3 Britney & Jason @ JFK Airport in NYC [December 30, 2011]

The fresh couple has been spotted in NYC Airport after have spent a few days with Jason family. Britney wore a grey jacket, a scarlet turtleneck, tight dark jeans and her faboulous boots from her Candie’s line. A wonderful outfit who inspired me a lot!

#2 Britney’s 30th BDay Party in Puerto Rico [December 9, 2011]

A beaming Britney smiles at photographer while she’s celebrating her 30th bday in Puerto Rico. She wore a black tight Herve Leger dress, she’s addicted to this brand for this 2011.

#1 Britney & Jason Engagement Party [December 16, 2011]

In occasion of Jason’s 40th bday, he propused to her princess Britney to get married and brought for her a wonderful engagment ring. My Queen chose for the evening a wonderful Herve Leger Crisscross V neck dress and a pair of Fendi Peep Toe. Long live to this awesome couple!

So, what do you think about this chart? Which is your fav outfit?

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