Tiger Show

Love my new LEO swagger doorknockers via Girlprops. Planned on spending my Saturday night out in the city at an event, last minute decided to stay in and watch The Pyramid Code at my brothers new place with a pot of Jasmine tea. If you have Netflix instant you much watch this. Total mind trip, going into how the pyramids were actually built to transport electrical current on the solar meridians. Everything taught in schools as far as History is a load of crap. It brings me back to my days of getting in serious trouble during Social Studies classes because I always told the teachers they feeding us lies.

I can’t stop dreaming of pink palm tree skys. The Flordia Keys are calling me. I just want to spend my days in Miami attempting to speak Spanish, eating at the cuban food trucks, feeling natural with the sea and tracking sand all over the condominium bed while counting the stars. For tonight my fire place and seashell candles will have to fill that void.

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