Three For Free: The Record Label Which Will Charge Nothing And Other MPFrees

The price of music is one that’s often debated among both fans and industry professionals. How much money can record labels justifying charging per track – can they even reason a fee at all? Are free downloads really killing the music industry? According to newly established label DigSin, there’s no need to put a price tag on their artists’ songs as their ethos states that all new releases will be free to their subscribers. It’s an interesting idea, but whether it’s financially viable for a label to survive on advertising alone remains to be seen. For now, however let’s embrace the teasers and tasters than bands are offering up for free.


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DigSin’s first signing is NNXT, a self-described “electropop artist” and “Hello Kitty lover” – sounds like she’d fit in perfectly here on BUZZNET. Her debut single “Drnk Txtng” is out tomorrow on iTunes, as well as being given away in support of her label’s initiative. The question on everybody lips is “Why would anyone pay for something that’s legally available for free?”.

Official links: DigSin’s website, NNXT’s dot com, Twitter, Facebook

Adam Young

You may know him best as the voice of Owl City, but Adam Young has other musical projects too so he’s giving fans a taste of what each of his different pseudonymes mean. We all know Adam Young’s bubblegum-electro-pop side, but perhaps we should get familiar with his acoustic sounds and his instrumental influences too.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD LINK

Jack Peñate

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Jack Penate is currently busy preparing for a ‘comeback‘ but before his third album is released, he’s keeping his fans’ interests up through the medium of a free download. Critics have questioned the abscence of his usual cheery melody but what do you think of his change in style?

Official links: Website, Twitter, Tumblr, FREE DOWNLOAD LINK

Which is your favourite musical freebie?

Do you like the idea of a free record label – do you think it will work?