How I Spent the Holidays: Buzznet Storytellers #5

Welcome to TL;DR time with Rich.

I am not really into the holidays. It’s not that much of a stretch to imagine that I don’t. I mean, I get it, like what the holidays are and stuff but I don’t really care. Another year passed? Awesome. I will say that I do like being alive and that the fresh calendar is always an added plus.


Anypoop, Christmas. First, I attend church at the house of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I have decided to not believe in anything having to do with religion because or reasons. That isn’t to say that I don’t think there are mysteries to life and that everything is awful, because it isn’t. I just don’t think a creation machine cranked us out or whatever. I’m not going to get into it.

When I decided to go all no religion, I told my mom that I didn’t want anything for Christmas nor was I going to get the adults anything because participating in Jesus Day was just not what I wanted to do. I said I would still buy the kids stuff because I didn’t want to ruin the holidays for them. Besides, I didn’t want to do “Life’s” job. Enjoy your youth, younglings!

My mom was alright with the idea. She did get a little upset that I told her I didn’t believe in god. She’s very religious. For a while, she was always laying the GOD GUILT on me and I had to tell her stop. She took a step back and was all “Oh okay. Well, if you ever need to talk about the burning bush or w/e, just let me know, but I’ll stop.”

Since my sisters have kids and lives and what not, the holidays are usually the only time that we are all together. I like that stuff. My sisters are alright. Their kids aren’t too bad either.

Oh yeah, back to the task at hand.

On Christmas, my sister picked me up and we went to my mom’s house. I had to bring my own food because my mom didn’t have time to get me any vegan stuff. I didn’t mind. I don’t like her going out of her way for just meh. All the adults did the “Secret Santa” thing. I got my sister which was pretty cool cuz I already know what she likes. I also had to buy all the kids stuff (there are like, 20 of them I swear). I told my sister that I thought it wasn’t fair that I only get ONE present but I have to give like, 100. She laughed but got kind of mad. Tee hee. I was half kidding. THAT ISN’T FAIR.

For NYE, I went to West Hollywood with my gayz. That was pretty cool. I had a pretty neat time dancing horribly and I met some dude and we talked for a hot minute. I got some digits and we went out to eat lunch yesterday but I wasn’t feeling it. He’s nice and all but I just didn’t feel like we clicked or anything. Oh well.

Anyway, those were my adventures. Not very exciting. I did come to some REALIZAYSHUNZ and stuff about certain things and I am just ready to start this year and kick ass. Hope you all had some good holidays!

PS: This is what I got for xmas (Thanks Elise)