Running Nightmares……Chapter Thirteen

They reach the house, and Gabrielle walks to the car.

“I want to go home” she says without looking at Jared.

“But….maybe you should, I mean, we should go….” Jared begins to say.

“No! I want to go home now!” Gabrielle demands cutting Jared off.

“Your sounding like a spoiled child” Jared says angrily now as he now unlocks the car doors and then hops into the drivers set.

Gabrielle gets on the passengers seat and then shuts the door.

Jared gives her a look, then sighs and starts the car, knowing that arguing with her any father would just be a waste of time.

As the drive off, Jared just casually reminds Gabrielle that she left her jacket and purse in Shan and Emily’s house.

“Leave it there, I don’t want anything to do with that laying psycho bitch anymore” Gabrielle says stiffly and bluntly.

Jared just looks at her.

“Oh we are going to have a talk when we get home” he thinks to himself as they now hit the highway.