Running Nightmares……Chapter Fifteen

The next morning, Emily is sitting on the sofa looking at the phone.

“It’s not gonna ring by itself ya know” a voice in her head says.

“If I do call it’ll just bring more problems” she then says out loud.

“Honey? You say something?” Shannon then calls from the kitchen.

“Nothing, just nothing” Emily says now rubbing her eyes.

She then sits there for a while longer, still looking at the phone.

“Come on, breakfast is ready” Shannon then says now walking in.

“Ok” Emily says now getting up slowly and then fallowing Shannon in the kitchen.

“Maybe you should go over and see” Shannon then says as they sit down to the table.

“Huh?” Emily says.

Shannon then leans towards her and takes her hands into his.

“Go to her. Pound down the door if necessary; but you can to talk to her. I can’t deal with you like this” he then says.

Emily thinks for a moment, looking at her and Shannon’s hands.

“Will you come with me?” she then asks.

“Of course, just let me know when your ready” he then says with a smile.