Runnig Nightmares……Chapter Fourteen

“Did they leave?” Emily asks Shannon after a while.

“I think so, I think I heard their car drive off an half an hour ago” Shannon says now getting up from the bed and looking out the window.

“Lets go downstairs and get some tea, my nerves are shot” Emily says now getting up and walking to the door.

Shannon fallows her down the stairs and then into the kitchen.

“Do you want top call her?” Shannon asks Emily as she starts to boil the water.

“And what? Have her hang up on me two seconds after she picks up?” Emily says sighing.

“Well, you are going t have to talk to her”

“I know, and if I don’t soon I might as well forget about it” Emily says, knowing all to well what could happen if she doesn’t get this thing patched up soon with Gabrielle.