Rihanna Gets A Tattoo Of… Tupac?

Rihanna seems to be having the time of her life these days… and rightfully so! The 23-year-old songstress had been working incredibly hard with long hours to the point of exhaustion, so her days of hanging around watching basketball games and her Hawaiian vacation are the perfect remedy – especially when she tweets all about it! The latest adventure in a day in the life of RiRi? Tattoo time! So what exactly did she get tatted on her? Allegedly Rihanna got a tattoo honoring the late Tupac Shakur!

RiRi shared her tattoo day with all of Twitter, posting photos of her visit to legendary tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, who has inked the likes of Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Johnny Depp. Perhaps the most interesting photo that Rihanna put up, however, was one of her extending her knuckles which read “Thug Life” in pink ink, suggesting that the singer had the words tattooed on her hands.

“♫ All these bitches screaming that 2pac back ♫ #THUGLIFE,” she wrote.

It’s currently unknown if RiRi went through with permanently inking those words on her skin, or if it was just for show for the camera.

Do you think Rihanna really tattooed “Thug Life” on her knuckles? Tattoos of celebrities on other celebrities: yay or nay?